Padmasambhava's Seal from Samye Monastery,Tibet


Built in the 8th century, Samye Monastery was the first Buddhist monastery to be founded in Tibet.

According to tradition, the Indian monk Śāntarakṣita made the first attempt to construct the monastery while promoting his sutra-centric version of Buddhism. Finding the Samye site auspicious, he set about to build a structure there. However, the building would always collapse after reaching a certain stage. Terrified, the construction workers believed that there was a demon or obstructive tulku in a nearby river making trouble.

When Shantarakshita's contemporary Padmasambhava arrived from northern India, he was able to subdue the energetic problems obstructing the building of Samye. According to the 5th Dalai Lama, Padmasambhava performed the Vajrakilaya dance and enacted the rite of namkha to assist Trisong Detsen and Śāntarakṣita clear away obscurations and hindrances in the building of Samye。

Padamasambhava is credited with subduing the local spirits and winning them over to Buddhism.


The seal is from Samye Monastery, Tibet, its the original one from Padmasambhava when he used this to subdue the local demon and the energetic problems obstructing the building of Samye. It was taken out by Padmasambhava through terma. at the moment, the seal is holding by the preside of the Monastery and puting in the treasury of Samye Monastery. 

This yellow vajra knot with the seal from Samye Monastery which has positive energy and with the connection with  Padmasambhava himself, everyone has this should keep it clean and hold it in some higher place, it will give the blessing and produce positive energy to its environment. wherever there is this vajra knot with the seal will be protected by Padmasambhava and remove all the negative energy, and it means this is Padmasambhava's place,  no demon will be allowed to hurt the people and place here.

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